PetFAQCategory: ExerciseWhat types of exercise are best for a British Shorthair Cat?
noeliabeltran9047noeliabeltran9047 asked 1 year ago

What types of exercise are best for a British Shorthair Cat?

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Best Answer Staff answered 1 year ago

British Shorthair cats are known for their calm and relaxed nature, but they still need regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight and stay active. Some good exercise options for British Shorthairs include:

* Playtime: Cats love to play, and playing with your British Shorthair can provide them with the physical and mental stimulation they need. Use toys like laser pointers, feather wands, or interactive toys to encourage your cat to move around and play.
* Scratching posts: Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, and providing them with a scratching post can help keep their claws in good condition and provide them with an outlet for this behavior.
* Walking on a leash: Some cats can be trained to walk on a leash, which can provide them with a chance to explore the outdoors safely. This can be a great way for your British Shorthair to get some fresh air and exercise.
* Indoor hunting games: Cats are natural hunters, and playing games that mimic the hunt can be a great way for them to get exercise. Hide treats or toys around the house for your cat to find, or use puzzle feeders to encourage them to work for their food.

Overall, it’s important to find activities that your British Shorthair enjoys and that are appropriate for their age and physical ability.

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