PetFAQCategory: HousingHow do I keep my Labrador safe while in the yard or house?
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How do I keep my Labrador safe while in the yard or house?

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Best Answer Staff answered 1 year ago

Here are some tips to help keep your Labrador safe while they are in the yard or house:

1. Make sure your yard is properly fenced and secure. This will prevent your dog from running out of the yard and getting lost or injured.
2. Keep your dog on a leash when walking them or going to new places. This will help you keep control of your dog and prevent them from running off or getting into any dangerous situations.
3. Supervise your dog when they are outside. This will help you spot any potential hazards or dangers and take steps to keep your dog safe.
4. Keep your dog up-to-date on their vaccinations and preventative care. This will help protect them from diseases and parasites that can be dangerous or even deadly.
5. Make sure your dog has plenty of shade, water, and shelter when they are outside. This will help keep them comfortable and prevent heat stroke or other heat-related issues.
6. Keep your home and yard free of hazards. This includes things like toxic plants, chemicals, and other items that could be harmful to your dog.
7. Consider using a collar and ID tags with your dog’s name and your contact information. This will help ensure that your dog can be returned to you if they get lost.
8. Train your dog basic obedience commands, such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” This will help you have better control of your dog and keep them safe.

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