PetFAQCategory: BehaviorHow can I keep my senior cat active?
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How can I keep my senior cat active?

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Keeping senior cats active is important for maintaining their physical and mental health. However, as cats age, they may become less interested in play and exercise. Here are some tips for keeping your senior cat active and engaged:

1. Adjust playtime: As cats age, their energy levels may decrease, so it’s important to adjust playtime accordingly. Shorter play sessions can be just as effective as longer ones, as long as they are regular and consistent. Try to schedule play sessions at the same time each day and aim for 10-15 minutes of playtime per session.
2. Use gentle toys: Senior cats may have less stamina and endurance, so it’s important to use gentle toys that are easier on their joints and muscles. Soft toys or balls that are easy to bat around can be a good option.
3. Provide vertical space: Older cats may not be as agile as they once were, so providing them with vertical space can be a great way to encourage them to move around. Set up cat trees or install shelves for your cat to climb and explore.
4. Encourage exercise during meal times: Encouraging your senior cat to exercise during meal times can be a great way to keep them active. Try using a puzzle feeder or hiding treats around the house to encourage your cat to move around and explore.
5. Consider low-impact exercise: Low-impact exercises like walking or swimming can be a great way to keep your senior cat active. Consider taking your cat for short walks or setting up a small pool or shallow dish of water for them to splash around in.
6. Visit the vet regularly: Regular visits to the vet can help identify any health problems that may be affecting your cat’s activity levels. Your vet can also provide recommendations for exercises and activities that are appropriate for your cat’s age and health.

Remember, keeping your senior cat active doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Simple adjustments to playtime and providing opportunities for low-impact exercise can make a big difference in your cat’s overall health and well-being.

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How can I keep my senior cat active?
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